We stock a wide selection of residential and commercial carpet here in the valley ready for install just a call away

The best carpet is at your fingertips. Shop Save & Floor offers quality, durable carpets from some of the world’s most inspiring brands and styles in an affordable price range so you can find what fits right for home without ever sacrificing style or comfort-making it easier than ever before to get that perfect match!

Frieze Carpet

Tightly Twisted Carpet

Frieze carpets have a unique style that is different from any other type of carpet. They’re made up tightly twisted fibers and “shaggy” look, which gives them lots texture to offer an interesting aesthetic for your home or office space!

Plush Carpet

Texture Carpet

Plush carpet is a classic and elegant style that many people like because it has so much character in its appearance. Plush carpets feature deep tones with lighter or bolder colors, which give them depth; they also stand out against their smooth surfaces to show off highlights nicely

Berber Carpet

Loop Carpet

Berber carpets have a casual style and are designed to work well in high traffic rooms. The look is unmistakable – thick loops of yarn, flecks of color low profile with an hearty feel that will make your home feel soft yet strong!

Pattern Carpet

Cut & Loop Carpet

Pattern carpets are made from a combination of cut and looped fibers to create linear, squared designs in an infinite number colors. The patterns can be varied according to your desired style or the mood you’re going for – it’s up to each individual designer!

Cleaner Air

Have you ever vacuumed over a carpet and noticed how much dirt had collected? While it’s not enjoyable to think about, consider this: all of that dirt still exists in rooms with wood floors.Carpets attract and contain allergens and irritating particles, keeping them out of the airflow and acting as an air purifier.

Cost Effective

Carpet is a great choice for people on tight budgets because it provides the same quality of materials at lower prices than other options. For most homes, carpet will serve you just as well and last much longer!

Low Maintenance

Carpet flooring is a great choice for any home because it can be used anywhere in addition to its ease of cleanliness. Unlike hardwood floors, carpets don't require regular maintenance such as brooms and mops; you just need an upright vacuum once per week!

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